Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Write Like No One's Reading

I was trying to think if that line made any sense. You should dance like no one is looking, and sing like no one is listening. I suppose you should write for yourself, like no one is reading. Now, doing that is all the easier when writing on an unknown blog.

I ran into Weldon Payne today. I good friend of mine and many others. He is a real writer. I told him that Josh (that is -=JR1=-, I hope I didn't spoil his alias) and I were writing on a blog and that I had one going for a while while I was in Germany. He said that he wished he had written more when he was younger, even 30 minutes 3 times a week. I enjoyed writing about my Germany adventures and now, taking his advice, I have chimed in on the blog.

The blog is supposedly going to have a more sophisticated tone, generally discussing topics in religion, politics, social observations and such. Unfortunately I don't have a clear topic to talk about right now. Although, I was just in the shower and since that is where I have discourses with myself and also where I think of things to write about - well... this is all I've got:

I checked my bank account today and I was happy to see that I got my tax return. In my current economic status, as quasi paid student, it was a pleasant bonus. Now this is mostly unrelated, but while I was in the shower I remembered a commercial for H&R block, or one of those tax places. They said that every year we, as a country, fail to receive over 1 billion dollars in tax returns. They play that up as a big deal. One whole billion dollars. It is a lot, until you remember that there are 300 million Americans. That is 33 bucks each. I bet a tax adviser is more than that.

On the other hand the US nation debt is $9,293,653,182,093.53 as I write. That is a bit more, it works out to about $30,000 a person. We could get a really good tax adviser for that. I actually wasn't trying to make a political statement there, but if there was one it is this: advertisers and politicians are stupid and manipulative.

Maybe next time I will write about something a bit deeper. Don't worry Mr. NoOne, I have ideas. -Eric

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